7 Best Places To Sell Sports Trading Cards

Sam Hayes
Written By Sam Hayes
Sam is a sports journalist and lifelong sports trading card enthusiast. Sam aims to share his expert knowledge of sports cards to help others make smart buying and selling decisions.

In the volatile and often tricky to navigate sports trading card industry, having a reliable source from which to sell cards from is essential.

Like most vocations, buying and selling raw or graded sports trading cards has become more accessible today than ever before, with the advent of online trading having a direct impact on the growth in popularity and financial clout associated with sports card trading.

However, having more options on the market isn’t always the best thing for buyers and sellers, as there are plenty of pitfalls collectors can encounter.

Forgery has become big business in many trading posts and in the sports trading card world, ascertaining which cards are real and which cards are fake can be very awkward.

The monetary value of different sports trading cards can also hugely differ online, with bargains and rip offs available in equal measure – with an air of caution required for traders of all levels.

Invariably however, the sellers in the sports trading card market do tend to hold the power, with the fact that buyers want to part with their money to purchase a given card, often a determining factor.

As mentioned, having a trustworthy platform as a sports trading card seller is always essential and here is a rundown of 7 of the best sports trading card selling platforms on the market:


Whilst it certainly isn’t a new or innovative trading platform in this day and age, eBay continues to blaze a trail at the very top of the sports trading card pyramid.

The USP for eBay on the market is the sheer volume of buyers available to sellers, making it more convenient than ever for users to move their cards around.

In addition, eBay doesn’t discriminate against the budget of the user, with a range of cards available at every collectors disposal, making it a real vortex for those chasing sports trading card bargains.

eBay also dominates the marketplace when it comes to the flexibility of options it gives to sellers, making it easy for all those listing their cards on eBay to receive the fee they want for their piece.

Whether it be guaranteeing a fixed price through eBay’s ‘Buy it Now’ feature, or hoping for a bidding war over a card from collectors, there is plenty of opportunity for sellers to maximise their potential returns when selling through eBay.

Having to organise the packing and posting for every card sale can be frustrating and the eBay marketplace element does carry a sense of risk, as not all buyers turn out to be as genuine as sellers believe but it is generally a very successful vehicle for sellers to move their trading cards on from.

Private Auction Houses

Cut from the same cloth, private auction houses have become seriously big business in the sports trading card world, simply due to the increase in financial revenue that sports trading cards can return.

There is a sense of pomp and circumstance that comes with private auction houses of course and they do tend to enjoy taking their chunk of commission but they can enable sellers to find different buying markets and if there is a decent card worth selling, private auction houses are the way to go.


The pitfalls of selling through Facebook are instantly there for all to see and the horror stories associated with selling any product through the a Facebook marketplace have been well documented but in the sports trading card world, it is a viable option for most levels of collector.

First and foremost, whilst the sports trading card world is growing, it remains relatively small in the grand pantheon of markets available to users, meaning those who are looking to trade within it are generally pretty well informed.

In turn, this is hugely helpful for sellers, as it regulates many of the buying and selling prices available to users and the personal nature of Facebook, in many senses holds users to account in terms of over inflation of buying or selling price and any potential forgery issues on the sports trading card market.

Another huge draw for selling sports trading cards on Facebook is the global appeal. Facebook is one of the most popular and well used social media sites in the world, making it the perfect tool for any seller looking to access a wider audience with their cards.

A sense of vigilance is always recommended when buying or selling through Facebook but for sports trading card enthusiasts, it is a great tool to have in the armoury.

In Person Sports Card Trading

The aforementioned boom in convenience for consumers by being able to trade online has resonated hugely within the sports trading card community but there does indeed remain a place for in person sports card trading.

A pre-requisite here however is having a strong card collection in the first place, as enthusiasts love nothing more than to get their hands dirty and thumb through a fellow fan’s collection, ascertaining which cards they may be able to swap with each other, before looking to buy or sell.

Working out prices before hand when in person sports card trading is key but as a seller, it can enable serious sums of money, as if a specific highly wanted card is available there and then, buyers will often lump on to pick up a card they want.

Being able to talk the talk and walk the walk when selling in person is key but it can be an exhilarating vocation for sellers, with serious profits to be potentially gained.

Hobby Shops

Similarly, hobby shops have long been a mecca for buyers and sellers in the sports trading card market and there remains a place for them on the market today.

As mentioned, being able to sell sports cards online has now become the way to go about things for most sellers but there is a burgeoning hobby shop industry available to sellers, which can often yield bigger profits.


One of the newest players on the game is StarStock – a specialist in the rookie sports trading card industry.

It is a very user friendly market place for sellers, as they look to move cards on for hefty prices but it is emerging as an online selling platform and it isn’t fully equipped for all sellers.

However, if a collector has a valuable rookie card that they want to move on, StarStock is certainly the way to go.

Goldin Auctions

High-end sports trading card sales are always big news and in relative terms are big business and when it comes to moving on sought after cards, Goldin Auctions are the best in the business.

Of course, having worthwhile sports trading cards for sale are essential here but if a collector does have a piece that holds decent value, Goldin Auctions are proficient at maximising all potential profits.